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cass ✦ 27 ✦ they/them

los angeles, CA


-- do not repost my art anywhere, ever! you never have permission, unless i draw a reaction pic or smth :') this means no new posts of my art anywhere, no icon use, etc.

--please do not give critique to my work unless i specifically ask you for it

-- on twitter, pls refrain from QRTing my art, it wrecks engagement. RT is fine!

-- i am sometimes open to art trades and collaborations, though only with people who interact with me :~)


i am a person of many hats

i do art, write sometimes, make enamel pins, and am a veteran shitposter.

irl i am a phd student and research scientist but i prefer my creative endeavors :')

i am a proud, disabled queer jew (nonreligous, it's my ethnicity). i actually have purple hair (im gay)

i speak english, russian, japanese, and can have basic conversation in the following: kazan tatar, kazakh, mongolian, and shittily in german


i mostly do fanart of my fav series, though i sometimes doodle other things

if i open comms, they are only for personal use. because i make merchandise as part of my income stream for my art, i do not do commissions for commercial use at this time.

if comms are open, i will announce this on my socials.